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To be a woman is to manifest God’s femininity. To have the gift of being a life giver and like God, be a caring mother and a breast giver that provides comfort, security, significance and health to her children. To share with God beauty and creativity, a greater capacity for love, compassion and forgiveness; a rational mind, but also an emotional nature that strives for relationship, marriage and family unity. To be a woman is to manifest the Holy Spirit by being a comfort to others, a counselor to many, by giving support and guide others to understand God’s truth; to manifest the gift of discernment and the power to motivate others to construct their full meaning and purpose in life. It is having a spirit, soul, and body as Jesus Christ and to share His sufferings, rejections, humiliations, crucifixion and resurrection. It is to be glorified with Christ in heavenly places and be seated next to God’s right side. Being a woman is to be an apostle, a prophet, a pastor a teacher and a healer, as Jesus is. It is to be in Christ, and with Christ hidden in God. To be a woman is to have the beauty, the perfume and softness of a flower, and music in our voices. It is having the freedom and vision of an eagle, the strength and influence of the wind; the rhythm of the waves and the gift of the earth in our bodies. To be a woman is to share God’s likeness. To have a purpose and the God given right to achieve it, to walk with dignity and respect, to choose life over death to glorify His name. We are the daughters of God, who belong to an eternal kingdom. As inheritors of His kingdom and ruling body, we are in this world to proclaim His truth and to participate in the establishment of the kingdom of God on earth.

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